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The Crow Family Reunion

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We will need some Volunteers for the areas noted below.

  • Anniversary Party
  • VFW Hall Set-Up
  • VFW Hall Break-Down
  • Kid's Entertainment
  • 50th Anniversary Party **
**  I plan on having Mom and Dad's Anniversary Party from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Since I live a distance away, I need help ordering items for the party and need approximately four or five volunteers.  I can send you money a month ahead of time to pay for whatever deposits may be required.  If you feel you can be of assistance, please email me.  Below I will list what would be required - and the names of those volunteers as it is planned.

  • Order the cake     (Debi Crow)

For the Kid's Entertainment, I need volunteers as well.

  • I need 2 to 4 exciting young adults to help maintain activities from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm in the Park.  I have bases, kickball, and cones; but I could use whatever items you can bring.  We need gloves, bats, softballs, etc.
Growing up and coming to the family reunions was always a lot of fun with all the different activities we had and the softball games.  I hope to carry on that feeling to our children so they will always look forward to coming to the reunions!

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