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The Crow Connection

  Descendants of Homer & Hazel Crow

    Marinelle Crow (11 May 1919 - 29 March 1998) married George Robert Gourley.  They had no children.  Robert was born 16 June 1916 and died on 1 January 1979.

     Marinelle attended Nursing School at Highland Sanitarium in Shreveport, Louisiana and graduated in 1941.  She came to Poplar Bluff and was the Operating Room Supervisor during WWII.  Marinelle married Bob, her high school sweetheart, on 5 April 1942.  She did public health nursing for several years, and then spent the last eighteen years of her life as an Instructor and Consultant for the General Baptist Nursing Home in Campbell, Missouri.

     In 1948, Bob and Marinelle bought a country store, six miles east of Neelyville.  They later bought two more stores and purchased land as well.  In later years, they sold two of the stores but still had the first store they owned when Bob died of a heart attack.

     Robert Raymond Crow was born 11 May 1928 and married Patsy Hurder.  He and his family live in Freeport, Illinois.  Robert spent his life as an insurance agent.  He has two daughters.

     Roxanne Crow Beahan was born 15 October 1958.  She married George Beahan on 11 March 1978.  They live in St. Charles, Illinois with their two children:

*  Jeremy Thomas Beahan (born 5 March 1981)
*  Rachel Eilene Beahan (born 11 December 1989)

     Roberta Gourley was born 14 July 1964.  Roberta married Matthew Young on 28 November 1987.  They have a daughter - Smantha Luan Young born on 6 August 1991.


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