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The Crow Connection

Cleo Crow

     Cleo was born October 16, 1925 near Bernie, Missouri and attended school in the Bernie area.  Cleo was in high school during the height of World War II.  He received his draft notice in December 1943 barely two months after his 18th birthday and a senior in high school.  He was inducted into the Navy and went through basic training at Farragut, Idaho, in January and February of 1944.  He served aboard an Aircraft Carrier, the Thetus Bay CVE90, and was in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands in mid 1944.  He also was in the islands of Majuro, Makin and Kwajalien.  Then he was assigned to a Navy crash boat for the balance of the war serving in the Hawaiian Islands at Kaneohe Bay and the Island of Kauai. Cleo says he saw his brother Paul at Pearl Harbor over Christmas of 1944, and then saw Red Fralick his brother-in-law about October 1944.

     Cleo was discharged from service in April 1946 and came back to finish his last half of high school at Bernie.  This is where he met Zola at a high school baseball game in 1950.  He says his favorite hobbies are baseball and loving Zola, not necessarily in that order.  He also played about 40 slow pitch softball games in the summer of 1980, he batted 588 in a church league, which his team won with a 16 and 2 record.  The same team went on to win 11 out of 16 games in the tournament that year.

     Cleo met his wife, the former Zola Mae Dye in 1950 and they were married on June 24, 1951.  Cleo and Zola currently live in Warrenton, Missouri, where he is an employee for the railroad and also a partner in a barbershop.

Cleo's Facts

Born near Bernie, Missouri      October 16, 1925
Drafted into the Navy      December 1943
Discharged from the Navy      April 1946
Married Zola May Dye      June 24, 1951
1st Child Born - Gary Bruce Crow      February 24, 1952
2nd Child Born - Charlotte Elaine Crow      February 2, 1956
3rd Child Born - Kandi Linn Crow      January 20, 1957
4th Child Born - Aaron Brent Crow      April 10, 1959

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