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The Crow Connection

Clyde Carlen Crow

     Clyde was born February 18, 1936 near Bernie, Missouri and attended school in the Bernie area.  Clyde was the youngest son of Grover and Rosa Crow.  He was very active in sports while in High School and was an outstanding basketball player.

     Clyde worked as a Dye Maker at the Old Plant #2 of Chevrolet Motors Division in Flint, Michigan.  He built and maintained dies, which made different sheet metal parts for automobiles.  Clyde has said he had left Missouri two days after getting married and traveled to Flint on a Greyhound bus.  He got a job at Buick, division of General Motors, the day after arriving in Flint. He worked 120 days without a day off.  He worked a year at the Buick Plant before getting homesick and returning to Missouri.  They couldn’t make a living in Missouri, so before the year was over they had moved back to Flint.

     On December 23, 1979 Clyde married Rose Marie Wolfe. Clyde met Rose through his daughter, LaDeanna who worked with Rose. Rose and Clyde enjoy bowling and riding their snowmobiles.  Rose likes crossword puzzles and picture puzzles as a pastime.  They both enjoy fishing and taking vacations to different parts of the country.  Spring is the big event as they always put in a garden and store a lot of the garden produce in the freezer.

Clyde's Facts

Born in Bernie, Missouri

     February 18, 1936
1st Child Born - Karen Crow      October 8, 1956

To Be Provided

     July 1, 1958
2nd Child Born - Ladeanna Crow

To Be Provided

Married Rose Marie Wolfe      December 23, 1979

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