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The Crow Connection

Denzil Crow

     Denzil was a twin to Wenzil, born September 26, 1915 to Grover and Rosa Crow.  Denzil grew up around Bernie and attended Bunker Hill Grade School.  The twins went to Dexter High School because their dad wanted them to go to a high school that had a good agricultural program.  He grew up on a farm with a large family and all had to do their share in the various farm chores.

     Denzil and his wife (Wilma Johnson) met when Wilma and Ruby Creg (Wenzil’s wife) were chopping cotton and the two twins came walking down the road.  Ruby told Wilma, "You take crip and I’ll take one-eye", so the story is told!  It wasn’t long after that, Wenzil and Ruby were dating and were married the next year (1934).  However, it took Wilma a while longer before she caught Denzil and they were married on October 5, 1935.

     Denzil and Wilma lived around the Bernie area until 1941 when they moved to Brea, California for three years, then returned to Bernie and farmed for one year.  Due to a very wet and rainy season that year, the crops were mostly all lost so they returned to California and settled in Taft on February 7, 1947.  Upon their return to Taft, California, Denzil worked for Standard Oil of California for three years and was laid off in 1954.  After being laid off he purchased his first equipment (a 5 yard dump truck and a small Ford tractor with front bucket loader of one yard capacity).  Then in 1960 he established his own business consisting of a rock crusher, a 5-yard bucket caterpillar loader, three additional 5 yard dump trucks and a 10 yard dump truck.  This business was purchased from one of the deacons of their church who was retiring.  They were apprehensive, it would take six long years to fully pay off this business venture.  With the economic boom and the various oil companies rapidly putting in oil and gas wells, their business was fully paid for in only 1 year.  Denzil was able to contract all road base materials, for roads leading into the different well sites.  This enabled his company to purchase four new 10 wheel dump trucks, and dispose of the lighter 5-yard vehicles.  During all this time Wilma kept the record books, answered phone calls for the business, and directed the drivers to each site where the base material was required.  In 1967 they sold their business, due to a slow down in drilling operations in the area, and Denzil went into semi-retirement.  They owned some apartment houses, which he began to look after.

     Denzil died on May 14, 1989 and is buried in Taft, California.


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