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The Crow Connection

Grover Crow, Jr.

     Junior was born February 28, 1928 near Bernie, Missouri and attended school in the Bernie area. Like his other brothers and sisters, Junior was raised up in a farm life and even farmed for awhile for himself in the Bernie and Dexter area.

     After graduating from high school in May 1946 Junior joined the Marine Corps and spent One Year, One Month, and One Day EXACTLY. He held a Bakers Specialty Code after attending bakers and cooks school.

     Junior was employed with the State of California for several years prior to retiring looking after Safety and Royalty interest in the Northern half of California. He says he does a lot of things but am master of none; I donít believe that. If his department needed someone to do something strange, Junior usually got the call. He has helped Marine Geologists, offshore, in lakes and rivers. He has checked navigable streams in northern California along the coast of Oregon. He has also checked steam potential land in northeast California on the Oregon and Nevada borders. He also has drilled shallow core holes with a portable rig in the desert and mountains. In 1979, he ordered a portable rig for the State and stored at his home so that it was readily available should an exciting need for its use arise. Junior said the thing he appreciated about his job was "I worked out of my office four days, most weeks, and saw my bossesónot often".

     Junior is married to the former Eva Marie Box. Eva was born January 28, 1933. They were united in marriage on November 1, 1949 in Taft, California at the Ford City Missionary Baptist Church. Evaís aunt and Leroy Craft (from Bernie) were their witnesses. Junior tells of their going to Yosemite National Park for their honeymoon. Howard Williams rode with them the first 35 miles (Howard was working in that area) and Junior says nothing like taking a cousin along on your honeymoon if you canít take your mother-in-law.

     Eva worked Twenty-Four years at the University of California in Davis. As a Medical Transcriptionist. Junior retired after Twenty-Six years with the State on his 62nd Birthday. They have four grandchildren, and several great grandchildren who live close enough so they can enjoy them. The following facts relates to their children:

Grover's Facts

Born in Dexter, Missouri      February 28, 1928
Graduated High School      May 1946
Joined U.S. Marines      May 1946
Married Eva Marie Box      November 1, 1949
1st Child Born - Martha Marie Crow      January 12, 1952
2nd Child Born - Travis Christopher Crow      April 19, 1953
3rd Child Born - Richard Laverne Crow      June 5, 1953
4th Child Born - Deborah Denise Crow      January 15, 1955

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