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The Crow Connection

Kenneth Crow

     Kenneth was born April 19, 1920, near Bernie, Missouri and attended school in the Bernie area. He grew up on a farm near Bernie and lived the first 25 years farming with his dad and brothers, Shelby and Wenzil. The last year in Bernie he farmed with Wenzil on a farm near Risco, Missouri. Kenneth married Fredia Marie Hester on April 21, 1939.

     Kenneth went to California in the Spring of 1945 and started work for Schaffer Tool Works. The company made several different kinds of tooling equipment for the oil fields. He operated different kinds of machines such as Punch Press, Lathe Saws and Tracer Machines.

     Schaffer Tools sold to a company named Rucker in 1969. Nine years later in 1978 Rucker sold out to National Lead. In all Kenneth worked 34 years in these machine shops before retirement in June 1979 due to ill health.

     Kenneth married Lois McCoy September 14, 1974. Lois was originally from Northwest Arkansas having been raised up on a farm there. They meet through a friend whom Kenneth worked with in Brea, California.

Kenneth's Facts

Born near Bernie, Missouri      April 19, 1920
Married Fredia Marie Hester      April 21, 1940
1st Child Born - Barbara Jean Crow      October 27, 1941
Moved to California      1945
2nd Child Born - Randy Crow      February 16, 1954
Married Lois McCoy      September 14, 1974
Retired from Nation Lead      1949
Passed Away      August 20, 1990

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