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The Crow Connection

Hazel Lorene "Crow" Parris

     Lorene was born January 5, 1930 near Bernie, Missouri and attended school in the Bernie area.  She is married to Robert Parris.  Lorene met Bob while attending the 9th grade at Bernie High School.  She has said all the girls were talking about that cute new boy from St. Louis one day in the hall between class changing.  Bob winked at her and she winked back and that she says began their friendship.  They were married May 31, 1947 at Piggot, Arkansas.  Glenda (Peck) Robbins and her husband-to-be were their witnesses.

     Bob and Lorene lived in St. Louis until 1958, then Paducah, Kentucky from 1958 to 1964, then to Poplar Bluff, Missouri from 1964-1974, and finally moving to West Plains, Missouri in 1974.

     Lorene has stated she is most thankful for being raised in a Christian home with a good gentle mother, who was firm but never angry.  She says the family never ate until her Dad asked the blessing.  Lorene was saved as a young girl at Sugar Tree Church one fall night when she had walked to church with Kenneth and Freida.  Denzil and Wilma went with her the Sunday afternoon she was baptized in a ditch.

Lorene's Facts

Born in Bernie, Missouri      January 5, 1930
Married Robert Parris      May 31, 1947
1st Child Born - Robert Stephen Crow      November 20, 1950
2nd Child Born - Roger David Crow      December 22, 1951
3rd Child Born - Michael Barry Crow      February 1, 1953
4th Child Born - Mark Alan Crow      September 20, 1955
5th Child Born - Karen Lorene Crow      July 12, 1965

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