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The Crow Connection

Paul Crow

     Paul was born February 11, 1918, near Bernie, Missouri.  He attended school in the Bernie area graduating from high school in 1939.  He attended two summer terms at Southeast Missouri State. He then taught grades 1-8 in 1940 and 1941, at the Bunker Hill School.  Paul served in the US Navy as a Navy Electrician from 1942-1945.  He also piloted landing craft (LST) on three invasions (Okinawa, Saipan's largest island in the Marianas, and Iwo Jima).  His group was the first to hit the beach on Saipan.
     Paul married Ruby Mae Whitehead of Bernie, on April 8, 1939.  In 1954 they moved to Flint, Michigan until 1974, when they moved to Old Town, Florida.  Paul worked for the Chevrolet Motor Division in Flint, Michigan, as an oilier/machine repairman.  In February 1974 he retired due to health problems.  Ruby was employed as a head cook at Ferrals Ice Cream Parlor from 1967-1972.  Paul said " Ruby has been a housewife the rest of these years and a darn good one too".

Paul's Facts

Born near Bernie, Missouri      February 11, 1918
Graduated High School      1939
Married Ruby Mae Whithead      April 8, 1939
Taught Grade School      1940 - 1941
1st Child Born - Pauletta Ann Crow      July 13, 1940
2nd Child Born - Brenda Joyce Crow      August 23, 1942
Joined U.S. Navy      1942
3rd Child Born - Paul Crow      August 19, 1946
4th Child Born - Dirk Dwight Crow      October 3, 1948
5th Child Born - Rodney Dale Crow      December 18, 1950
Moved to Flint, Michigan      1954
6th Child Born - Vicki Mae Crow      September 3, 1954
7th Child Born - Kimberly Ladona Crow      August 20, 1957
8th Child Born - Lynn Kay Crow      Septemer 6, 1958
9th Child Born - Annetta Joy Crow      August 6, 1962
Retired from Chevy Motors      1974
Moved to Old Town, FL      1974
Paul Crow Passed Away      June 4, 1985
Lynn Kay Crow Passed Away      December 3, 1985
Dirk Crow Passed Away      December 30, 1987
Ruby Mae Crow Passed Away      August 19, 1997

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