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The Crow Connection

Shelby Crow

     Shelby was born April 23, 1914 and was the oldest child of Grover and Rosa Crow.

     He was born and raised on a farm northwest of Bernie, Missouri.  Shelby was in the Civilian Conservation Corps from January 1933 until October 1, 1933 and was stationed at Walcott, Arkansas.  He was then transferred to Mount Vernon.  His job was to set out tress and cut timber.  For this work, twenty-five dollars a month was sent to his parents, and he received five dollars a month.  He also received clothes, shoes, toothbrush, room and board.  The CCC was President Franklin D. Rooseveltís program and a part of his "New Deal".

     Shelby sharecropped cotton and earned enough money to buy a one-seated Chevrolet.  In the fall of 1933 he and four other Stoddard County boys took off for California.  They ran out of money before arriving, and had to pick cotton for gas and food expenses along the way.  When they arrived in California they could not find work, Shelby became sick in the early spring of 1934 and went to his Uncleís house for recovery.  His uncle sent word home and Grover sent enough money to pay for a ticket home.

     Shelby was married to Geneva Frances Harrellson on October 20, 1934.  Geneva was born October 20, 1915 the third of five children born to Benjamin Conway Harrellson.  Geneva was raised northwest of Bernie in the Sugar Tree area.

     Shelby and Geneva moved to the Willie Shelby farm in 1936, where they rented and farmed 80 acres.  Previous to this, they lived on the old Kaggle Sawmill farm near the Indian Mounds.  In 1937 they moved to the John Burgess farm and eventually bought 240 acres.  They operated a dairy as well as a row crop farm until 1980, when they sold the dairy herd.
     It is interesting to note that Shelby has stated that he and Geneva had a grand total of $16.34 in their pockets, when they got married.  That would not even pay for the Ministerís fee in this day and age

Shelby's Facts

Born near Bernie, Missouri      April 23, 1914
Joined Civilian Conservation Corps      January 1933
Left Civilian Conservation Corps      October 1, 1933
Left for California (with four friends)      November 1933
Married Geneva Frances Harrellson      October 20, 1934
Rented the Willie Shelby Farm      1936
Moved to the Wiggs Farm      1937
1st Child Born - Chalmer Shelby Crow      August 13, 1937
1st Child, Chalmer, Passed Away      August 13, 1937
Bought 240 acres of the John Burgess Farm      1938
2nd Child Born - Shirley Fay      February 22, 1941
Shelby Passed Away      November 16, 1996

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