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The Crow Connection

Wenzil Crow

     Wenzil was a twin to Denzil, born September 26, 1915 to Grover and Rosa Crow.  Wenzil was born and lived around the Bernie, Missouri area his entire life.  He attended Bunker Hill Grade School, and then attended high school for three years at Dexter.  He later went back to school, after his children were practically grown and obtained his high school diploma.  He lost one eye when he was about 10 years old by a schoolmate throwing rocks.

     He helped his father on the farm; times were very hard when he was growing up.  Wenzil married at 19 to the former Ruby Leona Creg.  They met at a party for children of that age group.  The young people would take turns having people their age to their homes and playing games.  There was no television, electricity or automobiles for their use.

     Wenzil was not afraid of work and provided for his family.  His father helped him to buy a team of mules and get $60.00 worth of furniture to start housekeeping.  Wenzil and Ruby were married August 18, 1934. He farmed 56 acres, and baled hay for his Dad for $1.00 a day.  Later Wenzil measured ground for the Agriculture Stabilization Commission (ASC) office located in Bloomfeild.  He later became Office Manager for the ASC Office and worked 22 years for the government.

     By this time his oldest son (Dean) was doing the farming.  In approximately 1948, Wenzil and Ruby bought 120 acres, which is home to all the children.  In 1949 their home caught fire and they rebuilt, what is now their present home.  In 1963 they bought the Piatt farm (57 acres), which was the farm where they started their married life.

     Wenzil was an outstanding Christian man, whom everyone loved and respected, including his wife and children.  He would help his fellow man in anyway possible and could always find good in everyone, never their faults.  He loved to travel and did l quite often with his family.  Wenzil loved his father, mother, and all 13 of his brothers and sisters dearly.  He was always so proud to see any or all of them come to visit.  He was elected and initiated into the Bernie Masonic Lodge on October 20, 1944 and attained a 32-degree confirmation.

     Wenzil died on April 13, 1976 after fighting cancer for over a year.  His spirits were high to the very end, and never lost his faith or trust in his Heavenly Father.  He is buried in the family plot located in section III of the Bernie, Cemetery.


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