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The Crow Connection

Evan Elbert (Obe) Crow

     Evan, born 16 January 1888, was the second child of James Levi and Mary A. (Mann) Crow.  He married Elizabeth Stiles and two children were born from this union.

     Obe was employed with the U.S. Postal Service from approximately 1912 until 1959 in Caruthersville, Missouri - first as a rural carrier and then later in St. Louis as a postal clerk.

     Obe died on 3 February 1965 and is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery at St. Louis, Missouri.  His wife Elizabeth died on 13 July 1942 and is buried in the Dexter Cemetery in Dexter, Missouri.  The following are the children:

*  Elbert Garrett Crow (11 November 1911 - 18 May 1068).  Elbert was employed as an Office Manager for various automobile agencies.  He was married to Thelma Mustaine.  Thelma died on 12 October 1977.  Both are buried in the Fairmount Cemetery in Orland Park, Illinois.  They had five children:  Paul Garrett Crow, Eva Carol Crow, Patricia Ann Crow, Sally Crow, and Joyce Crow.

*  Paul Crow was born on 1 October 1916.  He married Maxine Sivells.  Paul was employed with the U.S. Postal Service in St. Louis, Missouri from September 1936 until October 1971.  His wife was employed in St. Louis as a social worker.  After retiring, both moved to Keystone Heights, Florida.

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