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The Crow Connection

James Levi Crow, Jr.

 James Jr. was the youngest son of James Levi and Mary A. (Mann) Crow.  Lee was born on 15 February 1896 and died 16 August 1979.

     "Uncle Lee" as he was known, had been a foreman in a shoe factory in Neosho, Missouri until work ran out.  He then moved to California and walked the streets until he found a job in Brea, California.  This is where he learned the trade of welding.

     One of his projects was to weld the big ironworks sign across Brea Boulevard - which still spans the road and can be seen as your pass the roadway.

     Lee was married to Eunice Cocksen on 22 April 1916 as recorded in the Marriage Records of Bloomfield, Missouri [Book 12, Pg 508].  Eunice was born 28 September 1897 and died 23 August 1979.  They had four children:

*  Vivian Crow
*  Imogene Crow
*  Jim Crow
*  Walter Crow

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