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The Crow Connection


Robert Greene Crow

Robert (24 December 1883 - 16 September 1942) was the son of James Levi Crow and his second wife, Paralee Radden.  Robert married Ella Brown and they had two children:  Ruth Crow and Robert Brown Crow (18 November 1910 - 20 March 1959).  They resided in Caruthersville, Missouri.

     After Ella died, Robert married Ione, a teacher in Harlington, Texas.  It  was rumored that Ruth was shot in a robbery.

     "Little Bob" had become paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident.  He wrote Wendell and Charles (sons of Charles Augustus) and asked their help in finding a job.  Before either could reply, "Little Bob" killed himself with carbon monoxide from a tube in the car exhaust.  This was the same manner in which Homer's wife, Hazel, had died.

     Wendell Hiram Crow has related the following events about "Little Bob".

     Wendell had served as pallbearer in Caruthersville at Little Bob's funeral and told Uncle Lee about the funeral.  Uncle Lee told Wendell that Little Bob had lived only a few streets from the block where Uncle Lee lived - on Jacaranda Street, Brea, California.

     When Little Bob committed suicide, Uncle Lee and Aunt Eunice were not even aware that Little Bob was any where near Los Angeles.  They had not seen each other since Bob was a baby in Caruthersville, and they learned of his death in the paper.

     Robert, Ella, and Bob are buried at the Little Prairie Cemetery in Caruthersville.

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