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The Crow Connection


William Christopher Columbus Crow

William (9 June 1871 - 14 April 1898) was the son of James Levi Crow and his first wife, Amanda Radden.  William married Dollie Mann on November 15, 1892 as indicated in the Marriage Records on file at the Bloomfield, Missouri Court House.  Dollie was a sister to Mary Ann Mann who married James in later years.
     It has been confirmed that William and Dollie had one son who was called "Buster" (given name is unknown).  Buster worked for his uncle, Charles Augustus Crow, around 1929 or 1930 - helping to finish the levee at New Madrid, Missouri along the Eight Mile Bend.  Buster was doing the cooking and we are told he was a good cook.  but he had a weakness for the 'white mule' produced in a still on a barge near the camp which was owned by, of all people, the Sheriff of New Madrid County!  The workers sodding the levee called Buster "Onions" because he would come back loaded with onion breath trying to fool Uncle Charlie.
     Buster later became sort of a hobo.  He would drop in on Charles at his grocery store in Caruthersville, Missouri occasionally.  Buster had two of the most beautiful daughters as stated by Wendell Hiram Crow.
     William died at the age of 27.  No further information is available on him.

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