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The Crow Connection

E.B. Shelby

     The great-grandparents of Martha Rosa (McCain) Crow were Thomas Shelby and Elizabeth Middleton.  Her great- grandfather was captured during the Civil War and was never heard of again.  Thomas Shelby's brother was "Fighting Joe Shelby".  He was the only Confederate General to never surrender at the end of the war.  He took his regiment of over 200 soldiers across the border to Mexico at war's end to avoid the Union Soldiers that were hunting them down.

     The grandparents of Martha Rosa (McCain) Crow were Elip Barnes (E.B. or Doc) Shelby (May 3, 1857-December 3, 1935) and Betty Lou Creanie Latham (September 29, 1854-October 7, 1903). E.B. is buried in the Bernie Cemetery and Betty Lou is buried in the Shelby Cemetery. Betty had one sister, Margaret and two half-brothers, Will Farmer and Jim Bell. E.B. and Betty had eleven children:

*  Willie Shelby

*  Sarah Elzady Shelby

*  Charlie Shelby

*  Marian Shelby

*  Twins (died prematurely)

*  General Shelby

*  Lafe Shelby

*  Martha Shelby

*  Walter Shelby (died prematurely)


     E.B. had one sister (known as Aunt Sis Shelby) and a half-brother, Math Williams. After Betty Lou died E.B. married Nettie Wright and they had only one child, which died in infancy.

     The parents of Martha Rosa (McCain) Crow were John Robert McCain (February 20, 1877- September11, 1903) and Sarah Elzada Shelby (January 6, 1877-June 9, 1965). Her father is buried in the Shelby Cemetery northwest of Bernie, Missouri. Her mother is buried in the Bernie Cemetery under the name Sarah L. Elsworth.  Sarah was 26years 8 months old when her husband died. She lived to be 88 years old.

     The following are the children of John and Sarah McCain:

Martha Rosa McCain (March 30, 1897-March 2, 1974)

*   Johnny McCain (February 18, 1904-November 28, 1941).  Johnny married Lillie White (July 14, 1906- March 8, 1991).  They had one son together, Lloyd Denzil McCain.  John died of tuberculosis and is buried in the Bernie Cemetery with his wife

Effie Elzada McCain (June 27, 1901- March 8, 1987).  Effie married Mack Mckinley Williams (April 1, 1898- July 12, 1963) on June 9, 1917.  Both are buried in the Bernie Cemetery.

     After John McCain died, Sarah married David Elsworth. They had the following children:


*  Myrtle Elsworth (September 17, 1907- ) married Raleigh Sifford (January 14, 1905- May 14, 1994).  They had the following children:
          *  Leota Loyce Sifford
          *  Dorothy Mae Sifford
          *  Wanda Lee Sifford
          *  Joyce Laverne Sifford
          *  Raleigh Gene Sifford

*  Jettie Elsworth born May 22, 1907 and died March 8, 1961.  Married Harry Eskew and they had four children:

          *  Opal Eskew
          *  Dorothy Lee Eskew
          *  Mary Alice Eskew
          *  Jettie Eskew (buried in the Bernie Cemetery)

*  Velta Elsworth was born June 26, 1911 and died August 20, 1912.  She is buried in the Shelby Cemetery.

*  Homer C. Elsworth (August 17, 1914-July 10, 1968).  Homer married Magie Partin (December 12, 1909- Aug 28, 1969).  Both are buried in the Bernie Cemetery.  They had nine children:


*  Louise Elsworth
*  Chalmer Elsworth
*  Hershal Elsworth
*  Leon Elsworth
*  Linda Fay Elsworth

*  Glendale Elsworth
*  Laurisa Elsworth
*  Donna Elsworth
*  Brenda Elsworth


     The brothers and sisters of John Robert McCain were:

*  Henry McCain
*  Ab McCain
*  Riley McCain
*  Sarah McCain

*  Sadie McCain
*  Elige McCain
*  Susie McCain
*  Jeff McCain


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