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         James L. Crow 

James married Amanda Radden, a native of Illinois, in 1864.  Amanda died in 1876.  They had the following children:
*  Rachel Crow (died at age 27)
*  John Crow (died at age 16)
*  Marshall Crow (died in infancy)
*  William Christopher Columbus Crow (more info on his pg)
*  Charles August Crow (more info on his pg)
*  Mary Crow (died in infancy)
*  Daniel Crow (died in infancy)
*  Edward Alexander Crow (9 Dec 1876 - 25 Aug 1900)

    He died at "Al Vera Cruz, Phillipines" during the Spanish American
     War.  He is buried in the Dexter Cemetary with a veteran marker on
      his site.

*  Jimie Crow (died in infancy)

     After Amanda died, James married her sister Paralee in 1877.  Paralee died in 1884.  They had the following children:
*  Benjamin Franklin Crow (died at age 1 1/2)
*  Robert Greene Crow (more info below and on his pg)
*  Baby Boy (name unknown - died at age 1)


     After Paralee died, James married Mary Ann Mann in 1885 and they had the following children:
*  Ebert Crow (died at age 8)
*  Evan Elbert (Obe) Crow (more info below and on his pg)
*  Arcadia Alice Kate Crow (more info below and on her pg)
*  Grover Cleveland Crow (more info on his pg)
*  James Levi (Lee) Crow (more info below and on his pg)


After James Levi died, Mary Ann (now age 26) married Sam January on 29 February 1897 as documented in County Court records at Bloomfield, Missouri.  To this marriage was born one daughter, Sammie January who married Jack Loveless.  Sam January was shot in an ambush near Bernie, Missouri around 9 October 1897 as stated in the 'Bloomfield Vindicator' dated 22 October 1897.

     His stepson, Charles, was arrested and indicted for the murder as reflected in County records at Bloomfield [Ref. Book 1, Pg 178 of the County Court Expense records].  Charges against Charles did not remain due to insufficient evidence and he was released some time after 15 October 1897.

     Denzil, the son of Grover, has passed on the following information relating to this incident.  Grover told Denzil that
"Robert (Bob) Greene Crow was the one who ambushed Sam January.  It seems that Sam was extremely cruel, not only to the smaller children (Obe, Kate, Grover, Lee), but also to their mother as well.  He wouldn't provide for them and Charles Augustus would ride a horse and bring staple goods to help the family out.  Apparently the boys (Charles and Bob) got fed up with this mistreatment and decided to take the law into their own hands.  Sam always followed a routine of driving a heard of cattle through the woods each evening from the pasture to the house.  Apparently this was some distance from the house and the area was mostly timberland.  Bob was the first to meet Sam and killed him on the spot".

This seems to be an accurate account of the shooting as we've heard basically the same story from several different sources.


     After the death of Sam January, Mary Ann married John H. Keller (1852 - 1922) on 22 October 1901 as documented in County Court records at Bloomfield, Missouri.  They had one daughter, Ona Mae Keller, born 1 May 1904.

     Ona Mae married Jessie Robinson and they had seven children:  Glendale, Cospard, Vensis, Leota, Phillip, Lois, and Miller.

     The parents of Mary Ann (Mann) Crow were Wiley W. Mann and Mary Cunningham.  Mary Ann was born 4 November 1870 and died 10 January 1907.  She is buried in the Dexter Cemetery and her tombstone marker reads "Mary A. Keller".  An interesting side-light provided by Frank Mann of Dexter says that his Grandfather, Wiley Mann, was hung for horse stealing.

     John Keller had three sons from a previous marriage:  Sam, Est, and Dave.  Mary Ann had the following brothers and sisters (no information available):  Miles and Milas.


     Elizabeth (Elisa) married E.E. Moore on 12 August 1889, as listed in the Marriage Records at Bloomfield, Missouri [Book3, Pg 176].

     Dollie married William Christopher Crow on 15 November 1892 as recorded in the Marriage Records at Bloomfield, Missouri [Book 4, Pg 142].  William was the son of James Levi Crow by his first wife (Amanda Radden).  Dollie died around 1924-1925 and is buried at the Bloomfield County Farm.  We have been unable to locate a marker for her grave site.

     Liddy was born in 1879.  She married Jim Young and they had a daughter Flora bell.  Liddy is of special note - this fine woman helped raise Grover after his mother died.  Flora Bell stayed home with her mother Liddy until her death in 1961.  She is buried in the Bernie Cemetery.

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