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The Crow Family Reunion

"Young" Crow Olympics


Be a part of new history and new tradition being born!!
To make this special day (Sat, 22 June) exciting for the children,
we are planning the FIRST "Young" Crow Olympics.

Every child will win a ribbon or a certificate that will be presented at a special "Awards Ceremony" at 3:30 pm.
We are planning approximately seven (7) events that should last approximately 45 minutes.

This will be followed by a game of softball or kickball and "capture the flag".  These events will include:

  1. 3-Legged race
  2. Potato on Spoon race
  3. Red Light - Green Light
  4. Sack race
  5. Old Cloth race
  6. Fill the Cup With Water race
  7. Cup on String Blowing race

Get your "Future Olympic Hopefuls" ready for lots of fun!!

Winners will also have a "special page" on the web site!

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